Friday, October 19, 2012

So.....It has been a couple of months...

Yeah, I know, I am not good about keeping up to date on this blog.  I have too many things to distract me, I suppose.  But I plan to do better.

First, some inspiration for a new hairdo:

Isn't she just a hoot?  I wish we had a whole flock of them!  We call her Phylis Diller - just look at that updo.  And when she does her chicken-head-jerky-thing, her do flips and bobs with her.  Makes me smile just looking at her.

Then, we had a totally unplanned addition to the farm.  No....not more sheep.  Geez.  This time it was a baby donkey!

Dexter showed up about 11 o'clock one Saturday night.  Izzy, our mini donkey, began raising a rukus, so hubby went out to check and see what all the fuss was about.  He turned on the spotlight and exclaimed "We have a baby donkey!"  It belongs to our big donkey, Taffy.  We did not even know she was expecting.  Yes, I know what can happen when you put a boy and a girl donkey together in a pasture, but we thought Taffy was just a bit chunky, she honestly did not look pregnant!  Anyway, Dexter loves to be loved on.  When you scratch his back, he moves his mouth around like he is chewing a big ole wad of Hubba Bubba.  It's hilarious!  And I have never felt anything so soft in my life.  Seriously!  This little guy has the softest fur I have ever had my hands in.  Wonder if I can spin it..........

Then, we have one more addition.  You know I lost my long time companion this summer, and how it broke my heart.  Well, I tried to make a convert of hubby's dog, Gracie, into the mama's dog.  It didn't work.  I have always wanted a Blue Heeler of my own, and we went and looked at a litter.  My goodness, I had forgotten how busy puppies are - here, there, chewing on each other, nipping at hands, running everywhere they went.  I walked away and went back home to think about it.  Well, the boys wanted him badly (translate into, "Mom, you know you want him, and we will help take care of him!"), so we went back and brought the new mama's dog home.

Meet Shadow:

He is a ball of lightning. He is so smart it is scary and he NEVER runs out of energy. Never-ever-ever.  He drinks water like a camel, but sure can't "hold it" like one.  I have never seen a more prolific tinkler in my life.  He hasn't learned that mama likes to give kisses without having her face eaten off in return, but he will.  We have yet to snuggle.  But he learned "sit" in one day, and has nearly mastered "lay down".  I can now sit and do a bit of spinning or weaving with him out and about, as long as Maverick the Terrible and Gracie are penned up.  He is a character!

One more thing - I sold the Hammett loom.  It was too big for my liking, and I couldn't get the hang of a counterbalace loom.  I found this cutie pie within driving distance, and I am happily weaving on my first set of dishtowels:

It is a Harrisville Designs 4 harness, 6 treadle jack style loom.  I love it!  I understand how it works, it takes up very little space, and can fold up to just 13 inches wide when not in use!  (like that will ever happen!)  Once I got it warped up, I can weave up a storm. 

More later...........


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